"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some Questions For the "Jewish" Blogger I'm Debating

Dear "Jewish" blogger who denigrates Israel on her blog and believes that Israel's actions cause their problems I challenge you to use that same logic...that same "their actions cause their problems" to answer the following questions:

Hamas is a self-declared enemy of Israel -- a declaration backed up by more than 4,000 rockets fired at Israeli civilian territory.

Does this declaration not qualify in your theory that this should cause a blockage by Israel of any ships seeking passage into Gaza?

In 1962  John Kennedy imposed a naval blockade to prevent a hostile state from acquiring lethal weaponry? Was the US committing an illegal act against the Cubans?

Since Israel traded Sinai with Egypt for peace shouldn't this have resulted in PEACE considering Israel's actions? After all Israel took that piece of land which was barren and used to start a defensive war against Israel, and won it in defensive of it's own nation's survival and built it up, found oil and made refineries and built hotels and gave all that infrastructure to Egypt for PEACE. Simply for PEACE.

In 2005 Israel made GAZA Judenrein. While the "palestinians" demand that they can live in Israel proper they also simultaneously demand that no Jews be allowed to live in Gaza or the "West Bank" Judea and Samaria. Israel pulled out the Jews, forcefully and Americans paid for the greenhouses and other infrastructure that the Israeli's built while there in order to give to the Gazans Muslims/Arabs. I watched the Muslims roll in and burn every building down, houses, greenhouses all of it in a matter of hours out of pure hatred for Jews and anything a Jew touched.

So now the Hamas are the rulers there. Shouldn't Hamas be responsible for their own people? Since  Israel gives money to the palis and sends in truckloads of supplies out of Israeli money each day but is forced to give it to the government in Gaza for the people, and the government is Hamas, if the people there are starving [which they are not] isn't it Hamas that is starving their own people? And if the people there voted for The Hamas isn't it their own actions that caused their starving?

According to you it is ALWAYS Israel's fault. It is always Israel's policies to be looked into, deconstructed and blamed. And according to you if I point this out I'm just one of those militant American Jews.

According to you Israel has no legitimate right to defend itself because each step they take you demand that THEY change their ways because it is their actions not the other side that causes what Israel must do to defend the lives -- THE LIVES of their own people, with which you share a bloodline. And with which you will be dragged on the cattle cars with even as you protest how you were on their side against Israel, and shouldn't that save your own life. Pshaw.


Celtic Scribe said...

A succinct, concise overview and dissection of the issue, the world would have us believe that it's all Israel's fault but the reality is that Israel is in the middle of a 62-year war (in the modern age) and fighting for her survival, this post illustrates the point very well!

BH Hunter said...

Great read. I wish the liberals, be they Jewish or Gentile, who emote rather than use reason would take the time to read the Hamas Charter that comes straight out of the koranic verses. Fact is this... Islam is at war with Israel and the USA. Hate fills their hearts for the Jewish people and no amount of GIVING will change that fact. I wonder how many critics are willing to GIVE away their homes and schools and places of worship for an attempt at peace, as those Jews who were made to do so in the Gaza Strip. Another inconvenient truth is that prior to the current day intifada, the Arabs went to school and work with the Israeli's and to the benefit of the Arabs, not the taxpaying citizens of Israel. Giving is over. No giving of Jerusalem, no more land, no more traumatized citizens on the border, who had less than a minute to find shelter from missles for years now. Find me a liberal willing to live under those conditions and I will be willing to listen to them. Until then, we need to face the facts, war has been declared by Islam on Israel, America and any other nation they consider infidel. This is a death cult geo-political ideology and I agree with the radicalized Turkey PM when he said. There is only Islam. No Moderates. They are all radical and potential jihadists.

Tommy3477 said...

Hi Lauren,

There is one thing about Israel is they don't sit back a let themselfs be attacked. This administration has clearly thrown the Jewish people and Israel under the bus. Ombama clearly has an inner Muslim in him. The latest is that Obama and The Dems are losing the jewish vote. The recent exit from of Helen Thomas from The White House after her go home jews remarks is futher evidence of the of the Liberal Medias hate for the Jewish People and Israel. Helen you WILL not be missed. Thomas leaving The White House is a clear Victory for the Conservative Media.