"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome To America

OK I have a completely goofball expression and I look like I have a double chin, but I found this bumper sticker while on Vacation in Florida and it's too funny a find to waste.


Tommy3477 said...

Hi Lauren,

That Bumper Sticker say's it all. We have a Cheesesteak Place in South Philadelphia called Geno's and the Owner has a sign that say's English only spoken here someone took Him to court to have the Sign removed and the Owner of Geno's won and got to keep the Sign.


Lenny said...

I remember that, it made national news.. GOOD for him!

Aleta said...

I love it!!!!! We need that here! LOL And you look Great!

Lenny said...

Hi Lauren,
love the look in your eye in the picture. The bumper sticker tells the entire story, no more needs to be said. Love it

Slave to my Bulldog said...

Whassa matta you, no speaky de ingleesh??

Seriously, though. People need to learn the language of this country if their going to become good citizens. And I say that as someone who manages to mangle his way through bits and pieces of several languages.

VMC said...

We spoke Spanish in this country well before anyone spoke a word of English. You need to remember that the USA is not just New England and the Eastern Seaboard. It is also those states in the Western and Southern US that spoke and continue to speak Latin languages. It is Hawaii where the Hawaiian language and Alaska where Inuit is widely heard, and all of the tongues of the Dineh and Pueblos. English is important to know, but there were tons of Jews in NYC whose primary language was Yiddish or Polish and always just limped by in English. You kinda seem to be perched a little high and mighty with the "Speak English" stuff after having the advantage of a couple of generations in the country. I say, give the folks a break; they will learn English soon enough by way of the schools and the TV and Radio and so forth. Also, it wouldn't kill you to pick up a few words in Spanish or French, either.

LaurAyn said...

AH I have a new troll. VCM. And not even a smart one -- well they never use facts. Revisionist history. Blah blah...tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth eh VCM. "we spoke spanish here well before English"

What a crock of shit. You'll have to spread/spew your lies on anther blog. I may not have a lot of comments on this blog but I have tons of readers and they're educated and smart. And your "statement" is FACTUALLY INCORRECT.

I can't spend time edumicatin' ya! I will get you started with a few things to help push you along the way of edumicatin' yourself. New England, New Amsterdamn....now go find a non marxist book and READ will ya!

And as for the play for my sympathy for the Jews...just about ever Jewish organization promoted and ran programs to teach English to new Americans, and not just from the Jewish community. It's always been a value of ours. NYANA is one of those organizations.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_Association_for_New_Americans

My grandfather who is now almost 93 years old volunteered within the Russian Jewish community to teach English to Russian immigrants.