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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bathroom Disaster

No this is NOT a post about smelly sh*t. This is a post about my life for the past two day.

Wed. I woke up to learn I had  no electricity in my bedroom. I went to my living room and found electricity working in there. Strange. I called the building Super to see if we had lost electricity at some point in our building or if it was just me. However he did not answer.  I called my building's management and told them I didn't have electricity in my bedroom and asked them whose responsibility it was to fix the situation, them or my landlord. They said them. DONE. They called the Super and got the process moving.

For the last two days I've had electricians and other various workers in my apt to break the wall in the bathroom, closet and ceiling to move wires.

Apparently the water from outside has been seeping in and has corroded the wires so much so that it made everything stop working. Whomever designed the electric in this particular apt. linked the bedroom lighting to the hallway and bathroom in my apt. LUCKY ME!

I had to call out from work and lost pay to be here to make sure all the work was finished. Here are the exciting photos.

New position for bathroom light. On the ceiling instead of above mirror where water damage is coming from exterior wall.

What my place looked like on the second day of the men working here to fix all this mess.


Tommy3477 said...

Hi Lauren

Wow that is some mess I'm glad they caught the problem in time. You should fight for the lost pay. Tell
them that You want to deduct it from Your Rent.

Spreading the Blog LUV

Mum-me said...

That looks awful. What a mess. Hope everything's fixed and working properly now.

Slave to my Bulldog said...

Wow, wood lathe. How old is your building? Prewar, I'm guessing. Glad that it got fixed, that's the most important thing.