"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Something's Rotten In The State Of New York!

Early Christmas morning after a very long day and night of working I found myself waiting for the F train in midtown to go home. If you're not from New York City let me "catch you up" on what that means for subway riders. WAITING a LONG time for your train to come. Holidays and Sundays the trains run less often.

It was about 1am. I was exhausted.  I wasn't sure if I'd see another soul waiting for the train because of the holiday. But I did. And in the subway you will find that if someone is in a rush they will go up to those who appear to have been waiting and ask, "how long have you been waiting for the train?" AND you always hope the answer you will hear is a long time, because that means the train is most likely coming soon.

Well to my "luck" the three people waiting for a train along with me just saw the F train to Queens come by only a few minutes before my arrival. Lucky lucky tired me. And even luckier one of the three, a man with a very obvious accent decided to chat me up. Ah but I get even luckier.

I knew the answer before I asked but where were these three people from? Egypt. Here's what I learned from the horse's mouth. They were exchange students in a school in Wisconsin. Each on a scholarship that was listed in a magazine in their country. All three were here to study in Wisconsin for free for one year. And while none of them appeared to be of college age it didn't matter to get the scholarship.

I of course challenged  mentioned to this terrorist  gentleman that he seemed much older than the average college student. And he told me that he was 28 and his friends were 26. Each were on scholarship for a year studying different things. He was studying journalism. Which I personally found to be bizarre, that a male would come to the USA for one year to study journalism and it would be applicable in anyway back in Egypt, where the media is monitored and run completely by the state and always has been. (Unlike here where the media has become an arm of Obama but did not start out that way.)

These three "students" had only just arrived to NYC that very night. They were studying the subway map to Brooklyn. And they were getting on the F train to Brooklyn.

Shall we take a little step back now and add this crapola story up that I was told.

3 male "students" on scholarship for 1 yr to college in Midwest
studying journalism
never been to NYC before and just arrived that day (Xmas Eve)
travelling to Brooklyn
ages 26-28

As I continued the conversation I learn further that the stated objectives of the exchange are to teach us "our opinions of your culture so that you have a better understanding of us."

We don't give a rats ass what you fucking asshhole muslims terrorists think of our culture you brainwashed bombed strapped to your bodies and blow up innocents scum of the earth fucktards think of us.  Hmmmm

So I'd like to know just who they were visiting in Brooklyn. I find it very odd that 3 people who've never been to NYC before  and are from the ME on scholarship for one year know anyone in Brooklyn. Well accept that Brooklyn has a large Muslim community and is known for a lot of extremists. Hell, even in my area which was always well-known for being a Jewish community, and for which I moved to this area, I now am subjected to   have women who wear the full hajib with only the freakin' slits of their eyes showing.

Why weren't these "tourists" staying at a hotel in Manhattan?

This 28 year-old Egyptian asked me with a smile on his face if I'd ever been outside of the United States.

I replied that yes I have.

I was asked if I had been to the ME. And I said NO!

And then both our trains arrived. I couldn't wait to get out of there. I was tired and I was suspicious of these 3 Egyptians.

Let's just suppose that none of them are extremists. They are still here for free. Some program has invited them to come here from a place in the world that teaches the worst racist hate against anyone who isn't muslim. They are here as guests while they preach hate but have come here to tell us their opinions of us.

ROTTEN to the core!


Wednesday night, while waiting for the bus to the train to go to work I had the lovely experience of being called a dirty Jew.

More shockingly, at least to me, it was said by a black man.

Here's how it started. A group of kids walked over to the bus stop. Black man says loudly, "OH! There's those damn Jewish kids."

I turn around to see who said it and I learn it's the black man. He immediately challenges me, "You have a problem with me?!?!?"

I say, "You have a problem with Jews?"

And we're off! He's yelling his racist hate, while claiming not to be racist. I point out to him my shock that a black man who has probably been on the receiving end of racism many times in his life would turn around and be the same way to another group of people. (no less KIDS) This further infuriates this man. I then point out that some day he will have kids and I asked him, "How would you like it if someone treated your kids the way you just did to the Jewish kids?!"

And then I just started to parrot him. I wanted ever person walking by to hear his words loud and clear:
Damn Dirty Jews
You Dirty Jew
Fuck You Jew
Suck My Dick Jew

The last one was my favorite because he let me say the following:
I don't have time to search for something so small!

And this is what our society has come to. So much for all the hope and change promised. All I've seen is are more DOPES and racists!


Mum-me said...

You're very brave. I would be terrified to be alone in the Sydney subway that late at night....

Sorry to had to listen to that racist rubbish from that man.

Aleta said...

I agree with Mum-me. I wouldn't want to be alone in a subway that late at night. You are a brave woman and even more so to talk with those three guys. It made my skin crawl just reading what you wrote and then reading about the racist remarks - made my blood boil. Loved your retort by the way!

LaurAyn said...

@mum-me- not so brave. It's rather normal to ride the trains at all hours. We are the city that never sleeps. Basically I'm on the train with the bus boys and janitors. LOL
@aleta- thanks!!

dogsmom said...

What got me was the scholarship portion of this story. It could well be true someone gave them money and paid for them to come here while our own A and B students born and raised in US school systems will live in poverty forever if they try to pay their own way through college.
I am not saying these "gentlemen" were actual students, but I can believe they got the free money.