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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

It's been a stressful end to a good year. Farewell 2009 and welcome 2010. May this be the year to kick the asses out of Congress, restore some balance to our government and gain back our national security.

The good, bad and ugly:

I have been tending to a sick little fur baby. Leo is doing better now that we finally figured out what was causing his urinary problems and bleeding. He's home resting and enjoying feeling better. He is on a new diet specially made to break down the gritty gunk that his body makes from regular (albeit high grade food) in his bladder. Eight weeks on that food going into another few weeks of another formula and then we will switch to an organic uretic food for all the fur babies so that he can eat the best grade food possible.

The Vet bill came to over $700 and I looked in my jewelry box and found gold items I never remembered I had and sold them. It will cover only a portion of that bill but I'm so glad I had that option available. The Vet tech is going to talk to the doctor about reducing the bill further for me and I have a payment plan for the balance so far.

A lawyer found me on twitter, tweeting my stress away about a very excessive ticket that Nassau County imposed upon me for a minor mistake I was correcting when pulled over. He turned out to be my savings grace. After learning about my financial woes and showing him my yearly earnings he completely -- I mean 100% waived his fee and he had already gone to court for me and went back and pleaded my case further. He got all the points reduced to zero and a fine that would have been over $400 he was able to reduce to $370. Still not great but I know he worked his ass off for me. If you need him is name on twitter is @apearl and I highly recommend him.

My father was laid off a few months ago and is almost 65 but I learned the other day that he was hired for the same position he was laid off for at another credit union. I'm so happy for him. And my mother is less stressed now because of this.

I had many phone issues with Verizon and trying to work them out took a lot of time, created a lot of stress and aggravation but I believe just about everything is fixed. I had to get a new cell phone which I wasn't thrilled about and I think it has bugs causing some functions to turn on without me pressing buttons. So I will have to take care of that after the New Year begins. But for now, I have decided to take a break from that stress. It's been non-stop working around the clock 6-7 days a week and running back and forth with little sleep for the past 3 weeks.

Currently as I write this letter to all of you it's snowing outside and the roads are icy but the heat is on inside and we are all relaxing.

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy New Year.


Lady Banana said...

Happy New Year Lauren, I know we don't talk anymore but I really hope you do have a good 2010 :)

Mum-me said...

Happy New Year! Hope your kitty gets better soon. Great news about the lawyer, and your dad finding a job. My old mobile phone used to turn different functions on and off without consulting me, sounds like you have one the same. Snow and ice?!? We're sweltering with high temps and nearly 100% humidity. Send some ice this way please!

BetteJo said...

Hi Lady B - didn't know you hung out here!

Lauren - that's a great pic, were you there?

I know the fur baby stuff having 4 cats - I had one kitty that almost died - twice - and cost me a bunch each time. The last time involved a feeding tube even.

Sounds like you've had a bunch of stress in 2009 - lets hope 2010 is much better! That's wonderful news about your Dad - and so unusual considering the economy and his age.

And omg I hope somehow Obama gets impeached or something so we can take our country back!

2010 has to be better! Happy New Year!

LaurAyn said...

@Bette Jo, technically no not in that photo. I am there every day though. :)
Thank you for your good wishes. Agreed on the Obama thing.
Diana doesn't hang out here. After her extreme nastiness on twitter, her anti-american total bashing session and peacock behavior about the NHS making it personal to how I feel about our situation here etc...I cut off contact with her. I have no time for abusive people in my life. "I'm sorry you made me hit you" is no longer acceptable in any way shape or form in my circle of friends.

Here's to a great new year.

BetteJo said...

Oh, sorry, didn't know! Yikes.

Jessica said...

*Hugs* Girl! Wishing you only the best for 2010!

LaurAyn said...

@BetteJo - yeah it is what it is. Oh wells. LOL

@Jessica- Hugs back at ya.

Aleta said...

Life is about the ups and downs. You take it well and go head on with anything that comes your way. I admire that about you! Happy New Year!