"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Monday, May 2, 2011

Where is Bin Laden's Body?

As a New Yorker I was on pins and needles last night. Today I want to believe that the news that we MURDERED Bin Laden is true. But with a President that has been sneaky from start to finish, with the most disgusting friends who curse America first and with no body, no film of the attack I find it hard to believe. I sit in limbo.

When the Israelis go on a mission they film it. They release the proof. Think the flotilla! Release the proof Mr. President and don't wait two years to do it like you did your long form birth certificate.

Why were there initial reports of proper handling for Islamic burial and now we are hearing the body was dumped at sea?

If this is true, then we just murdered the hitler of our time. Why would we give him respect of a proper Islamic burial. Why especially after your speech, Mr. President, where you said this was not about being against Islam and where you and countless other politicians have made claims that Bin Laden does not represent Islam, although he himself told us he murdered my fellow NYers and those in DC in the name of Islam? If he doesn't represent Islam, and therefore is un-Islamic than why give his body or soul that respect? It makes not one iota of sense.

But what I find much more concerning is the reaction of New Yorkers. In Washington DC last night I watched the youth come in and rejoice. In NYC I watched a slow progression of people coming together. I heard people try to make this about "peace" and not being happy for the death of another. Basically a lot of watered down PC garbage. That this could happen instead of a joyous outburst of happiness that the DEVIL has been murdered, that hitler has been murdered, no partying in Times Square, no dancing for joy that the evil scumbag who 10 years ago incinerated so many of our friends and families, no Times Square kiss moment, and nothing close to it, tells me (and should tell you) that we are in bigger trouble. That the devil has won the hearts and minds of way too many of our citizens and we are going to collapse from within.

I wasn't wrong when I wrote and posted information about Obama before the last presidential elections about the things he stood for and what he would do and I'm not wrong now.

I am THE FIRST to say you do not rejoice in your enemies death. But you are to rejoice in your victories and  when it is a death of this magnitude it should be celebrated. This is not the same as being sad when you have to go in and defend your state from rockets. This is killing the DEVIL. Always a time to rejoice without guilt.

I want proof and you should want it too.

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melissa e noble said...

was looking for eveidnce and came across your blog.. Your speaking my language. Listneing to BBC and then Democracy Now.. Very questionable..People are so quick to respond to any news these days instead to take the time to make sure it is authentic..i.e constant propoganda and slander via internet

may the force be with you sista girl !

Hou Tex.