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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Poor Charlotte Rae, Hollywood Is Rearing Their Narcissistic Head At Her

Poor Charlotte Rae, she was honest and open in a speech acceptance at the TV Land Awards. A hokey little ditty that the station put together to make themselves seem more important than they are.

We haven't seen Charlotte in a long time. Well, I haven't seen her since I was a little girl and that's a long time to me. And there she was, poor thing having trouble walking up to the stage. I wasn't ready to see that. It was a shock to my system frankly.

And then as if time stood still she spoke as if she were still in the 1980's and stated how all the girls on her show turned out straight.

I knew in that moment she was going to be mutilated by people, her "contemporaries" and their moronic followers. I knew exactly what Charlotte meant but I knew that most would rear their ugly little narcissistic heads, like Meridith Baxter who couldn't help but make it about her own agenda. BTW Meridith you're a pathetic actress and loser, not only for taking advantage for your own gain, but for that too.

So for all the proggies finding their way to my site today and who are now angry with me too because they never developed the synapses that taught them how to THINK for themselves let me LEARN YA GOOD:
Charlotte Rae was referring to all the child actors at the time who had serious drug issues as well as character issues. Think hard, I know it's hard for you but try. Try to remember Diff'rent Strokes.

It's the reason why although as a child I was quite talented with a singing voice beyond my years, my mother refused to let me act for a living.  I believe I heard, "No child of mine..."

Charlotte's show "The Facts of Life" was a direct spin off of Diff'rent Strokes and if Hollywood or their fans had two brain cells that actually worked properly they would have tied the context together immediately. But sadly they are such a narcissistic bunch they can only think about themselves and their own agendas which can only handle the current five seconds and the following five seconds.

Well thank g-d for the writers of those shows and TV where I can watch them and pretend they have 
something interesting to say and think.

You can watch the video here if you'd like.

Update: I had a fun opportunity to tweet with Charlotte's nephew recently and he's just lovely. If you'd like to take a peek at him he has a really nicely designed website here.

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