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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why It is Nearly Impossible to Communicate w/Liberal-Progressives Who Love Obama

Let the haters begin! Lol. Whatever! Give a man credit when its due. Least you can say is he was in the RIGHT country!!!

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    • I'm not sure what this post is about but if it's about OBL then I give no props. The only props I give r 2 the Navy Seals who did an amazing job. Intelligence that has been gathered over more than 10 years, but mostly due to GITMO is what g...See More

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    • CI know you hate the democratic party so all I'm going to say is LMFAO! And ps thank Bush???? Yeah thanks ass for NOTHING except ruining the economic structure more than any other pres since the depression oh yeah and thanks for finishing the job your father started. He was a waste. Please at least admit that!
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    • Why are you changing the subject? That's pretty sad. Don't do that. Stick to the topic and I'll happily debate you.
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    • LWhen we are done debating the topic you started I'll debate you on the economy which Obama has mangled but I won't even go into it with you until you debate the topic you started.
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    • LAnd you'd be shocked to learn the party I'm registered with. So stop assuming things, because you know what happens when you assume.
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    • LOh thanks Tom for the like of my comment...jump in and help me. Carrie thinks she's gonna pummel me but if she remembers me correctly from childhood she'll realize she won't win this one. LOL
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    • L
      sorry for all the posts C...ugh oy...but just need to also point out that in your hate for haters you're being a hater...you see I didn't hate on Obama. I congratulated him for his decision. I also gave props where they are deserved, t...See More

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    • You're the one that said I should thank Bush? Its sad you don't even know what you wrote!
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    • LI know exactly what I wrote. I didn't write any hate. I said you should thank Bush just like Obama did. He called Bush that night before he went on television and they thanked each other and congratulated each other. Please tell me where the hate in that is??
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    • CYes Obama made a mess of the economy. It wasn't already in the shitter!
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    • CWow I think I learned that 'assume' thing in 2nd grade
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    • Are facts now hate? Clinton screwed up. Its' fact. Is that hate? Bush opened Gitmo- fact or hate? Obama said he'd close GITMO but he didn't is that fact or hate? Obama decided to use the intelligence from GITMO to learn the location of Bin Laden- fact or hate? Obama made the call to use special ops. FACT OR HATE? I'm using facts. And I'm not a registered Republican, not that you asked me.
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    • Carrie, why are you being personally mean? There's no need for that. I disagreed with you and I said so. I didn't attack you. Maybe we need to talk about what ATTACKING another means. I didn't attack Obama although I do not like him at all. I said I'm glad that he made the choice he made. Why so personal with me?
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    • Remember you? I was 7 the last time I saw you.
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    • Why so mean? I've not been mean to you.
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    • BTW do you remember this: in 2008. Obama said, "I'm not gonna make him a martyr. I would not kill him. I would capture him."
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    • LI'm certainly glad he killed him. I'm happy for Obama's choice on this thing. Very happy.
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    • CYou commented on MY post w hatred! I didn't go off on a ridiculous tantrum because of what you wrote on your status! I've been bashed by so many for believing what I think is right. Honestly your doing the same is just redundant! Ps I'm going to remove just some oftour comments so my other friends can actually speak their minds too.
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    • how does removing my comments help others to write what they want. that makes no sense.
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    • Lauren Kunis I never bashed you. I wrote facts. You really need to calm down and read what I wrote. I wrote facts period. You are bashing Carrie. You need to calm down, seriously.
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This is like a cat batting a ball of yarn. YAWN! Can you say derangement syndrome?

    • LI never bashed you. I wrote facts. You really need to calm down and read what I wrote. I wrote facts period. You are bashing Carrie. You need to calm down, seriously.
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    • John What time are you 2 ladies having lunch together today??? hahaha ...Seriously though, you both have strong beliefs and you're obviously not going to be able to sway the other, so it's probably best to squash it and move on.
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    • I had a crush on you in hs John and now I think its back!
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    • John  LOL!
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    • Duane 
      carrie i got your back.. bush had a chance to take out OBL but chose to run into iraq on lies .. remember weapons of mass destruction.. plus he had intel that 9/11 was going to happen and him and his advisers were like oh that aint gonna ha...See More

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    • ok im hating !!!
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    • L
      OK every1 is entitled to their own opinions however no1 has refuted the facts I've mentioned. Are you all denying that Obama used intelligence from the Bush admin? Because Obama has thanked Bush on a call b4 he went on TV &Bush gave kudos to Obama as well. Are you denying that Obama kept GITMO open which led to his knowledge of where Bin Laden was hiding out? Are you denying his campaign statement that Obama said he wouldn't kill Bin Laden but only capture him? Obama has only followed the Bush protocals which you all seem to hate. So why the adorement for Obama and the hate of Bush. W/that said I'll out myself as a registered Democrat- life-long. I voted for Clinton both times &not once for Bush. But I go on policies and facts. I call out hypocracy. To say Obama did this on his own and make derrogatory statement about Bush is not fair or accurate. The bastard is dead. Both sides of the aisle r happy about this one.

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    • I'm denying 99*% of what you said! Now I'm tired of "debating" w you cause its annoying!!!!!!
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    • I'm denying 99*% of what you said! Now I'm tired of "debating" w you cause its annoying!!!!!!
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    • LMAO.. thats like saying obama is using bush's oval office desk.. used his intel? are these the same intel that let 9/11 happen? idk if u know how it works.. they gather up info.. then that intel gets passed on the sec of defense and joints.. they brief the pres.. pres goes yes or no from them guys/gals... go look at the video of obama and the joints its out there b4 u say he didnt do anything..
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Later she posted this:

I bash Bush cause its fun and easy!
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