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Monday, May 9, 2011

Support Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, CUNY Trustee Who Spoke Up For Israel and is Now Facing Personal Attacks

I have a call to action. Jeffrey Weisenfeld is under attack as a Board of Trustee at CUNY. He used facts & logic and brought the attention of Kushner who was about to receive an Honorary Degree, regarding his virulent anti-israel hatred, to the Board. We need letters written immediately in support of him to CUNY & the NY Times. This is extremely important. 

As I am an alumni and some of you know of the horried experience of discrimination I faced recently at Brooklyn College (a CUNY school) recently where I was targeted at an event for holding my folded up Israeli flag in my hands, just like I was holding any other bag or item I had, pulled aside and refused entry and then forced off campus by a security guard who a hatred for Jews and clearly violating not only their own rules of their student handbook but my freedom of speech and title iv (I believe, which was changed a couple of years ago to protect Jews as well as other minorities)....this is a pattern. Not only on CUNY campus's but on all college campus's. 

Last week Jeffrey Weisenfeld brought this horridness in the form of Kushner to the Board and he was successful in taking the honor away from the anti-Israel Jew basher and since then the NYTIMES has gone after Kushner with character attacks rather than the facts of the situation, typical yes, but proper no. This is our time to speak out and effect a positve change.

Your letters in support of Jeffrey will help the Jewish students and faculty on campus. Your letters will be a catalyst to the progressive agenda overtaking the college campus's today. Jeffrey is gutsy. And we need to support him. 

Below is a letter I am going to be a signatory on as I am an alumni. Please read it and if you are a CUNY graduate please let me know and I can get your name on this letter as well. If you are not a CUNY alumni please use this letter as an outline for what you will write. 

Two letters need to be sent. One to the Board of Trusties and one to the NYTIMES. We need to put the pressure on. Please have your spouses and friends also write and mail the letters. I'll try to get fax and email addresses as well. This is timely. Please send this letter to your FB friends as well. We need hundreds if not thousands of letters in support of Jeffrey IMMEDIATELY. The fax to the CUNY Board of Trustees is 212 794-5678. 


Statement:  Association of CUNY Alumni and Retirees

As alumni, professors and students of the City University of New York, we wish to comment regarding the character assassination that is now transpiring via email attack and media attacks on Trustee Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, a gifted and serious CUNY Trustee who performed his duty and exercised due diligence regarding the recent vote on CUNY honorary degrees. Many who are presently impugning Mr. Weisenfeld’s character are also responsible for a very unwholesome and dangerous demagoguery that is creeping into mainstream dialogue at CUNY campuses.  We are particularly cognizant of a dangerous demagoguery at Brooklyn College where we have most recently been made aware of an anti-Israel and anti-semitic culture that is growing, aided and abetted by the campus administration.  Brooklyn College is not alone in this regard, however, and documentation is mounting regarding abuses on other campuses, supported by local CUNY administrations.

On many CUNY campuses, Muslim Student Association (MSA) clubs (sometimes dubbed Palestinian Clubs) are aided, abetted and supported by off-campus “advisors” and Imams from radical Muslim groups. They operate as virtual missionary groups, exercising tactics which are contrary to free inquiry and which seek to foment hatred towards other campus groups.  Most are also supported by a professors’ union that promotes rhetoric which encourages and promotes this hatred.

We have also been made aware that professors who are politically pro-Israel are intimidated and prevented from speaking freely, out of fear of retribution when seeking reappointment, tenure and/or promotion. There is little doubt that there are valid bases for this fear.

All this is reflected in the venom that is pouring out of the CUNY professoriate in the attempt to stifle Trustee Wiesenfeld for the simple exercise of his right and responsibility as a member of the Board of Trustees.

We ask that the Board initiate an investigation into the assault on Jews at the City University, disguised as anti-Israelism, which seeks to mask its true agenda: anti-semitism. We ask that a representative task force be established to investigate this phenomenon.

We are grateful that one member of the Board, Mr. Wiesenfeld, has the courage to speak the truth. He is a giant among men and a hero to so many. We shudder to think what will happen when his tenure on the Board is over. We fear the demise of CUNY as an institution of free speech and inquiry.
Should the Board of Trustees continue to ignore the current assault against those of free will who object to the administration’s uninspired and cowardly support of radical liberal orthodoxy and against those who are supporters of the State of Israel, then please be aware that our Association of CUNY Alumni and Retirees will assure:
  • That CUNY alumni are apprised of recent events and are exhorted to reconsider donations to their alma maters – colleges which are no longer institutions which are protective of all.
  • That Jewish graduates and others of good will are apprised that the colleges which were once their homes, are no longer welcoming to supporters of Israel.

We will not sit by idly and allow this cancer to continue to grow.

Members, Association of CUNY Alumni and Retirees


thehipi said...

Weisenfeld, and this post , are advocating censorship - and the punishment of those who disagree with them. This is unreasonable, it is unnacceptable, and it brings shame upon all those who advocate it. It is one thing to disagree, it is another thing to attack your opposition's right to speak.

Clark said...

Why support someone who is promoting racism and censorship?

James said...


LaurAyn said...

Clearly none of the commenters understand what freedom of speech means, entails and requires. Ignorance leads to allowing NAZI's to murder Jews in the name of this disgusting display of "freedom of speech" lie and blood libel which these morons continue to perpetuate. I allowed the comments up to show you the complete breakdown in analytical thought, or ability to think as an individual at all. The sheeple have arrived at my blog. BAAAAAA! DUMMIES!

Perhaps the hipi should stop the ganga and give the brain a slight chance to keep the last 2 cells possibly left in its brain. Not giving an honorary degree does not take anyone's right to speak freely away. No one is entitled to an honorary degree. Especially not a person who is so vile at Kushner.