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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rutgers Tragedy

The recent events at Rutgers University is tragic and was needless. But let's put this in perspective.
What those fucktards did to that young man was horrendous. You have to be a real scumbag to think that doing something like they did is in anyway morally OK. But what they did was not out of hate.

It was out of morally bankrupt values of most likely spoiled brat syndrome. The generation after me is the ME generation of all Me generations. They have been raised by the most permissive generation of parents who did so out of some pathetic past guilt and never taught their kids right from wrong but instead taught them that no matter what they did it was wonderful and that they were entitled to anything they wanted.

The parents of this generation have a very spiritual void and misconstrue the need to instill the idea that anything IS possible with everything is yours.

And so you have two fucktard kids who believed it was their right to leave an open live video camera in a shared bedroom to broadcast another human being's sexual life to whomever they wished. Sick sick sick.

But a hate crime it is not.

It was convenient for this poor guy's roommate to do this to him. That asshole would have done it to whomever was his roommate.

I hope this case brings shame on those two people who committed this crime and that they suffer the consequences of their actions. I am sure they will never be allowed to return to that school for fear that others will harm them.  Their own acts ruined their own lives. That is pretty even justice.

I hope those that are angry will remember to not become the scum they hate.  If you cannot forgive these two, then ask g-d to send them what you cannot. But please don't feed into it and do anything violent against those two. If they do end up at your school, believe you me, to ostracize them will be enough punishment, violence and anger towards them is not necessary. Isolation is a horrible horrible experience to go through and will be a terrible price to pay.

The young man they targeted took his own life. He had choices. He made his. It was a sad, and momentarily desperate one that has no option of being fixed.  But he alone is responsible for his death.

No one said life was supposed to be easy. Some of us get harder lessons than others. But there was never any promise of a pain-free life for us when we chose to come to body from spirit.

Sadly this young man did not have the strong emotional core he needed to feel he could survive that incident.

But as Caroline Myss says " I never met anyone who has not gone through madness on their way to becoming whole."

It is our toughest moments, the one's that we often ask "why" that bring us our greatest lessons and understandings and in my experience usually present the reasons to us much later on after the situation has been lived through. This young man robbed himself of that time. Those two scumbags did not do this to him.


Mum-me said...

Well reasoned and written!! I read another blog post about this incident recently and the writer was saying it was all about Christians making homosexuals feel guilty about their sexuality and it was an attack on gays etc etc etc

In my comment to her I basically said what you wrote here, but in a much more condensed and far less articulate way.

LaurAyn said...

Mum-me, funny you say that because I felt I had a hard time articulating my thoughts. So thank you. Oh so many want to bash others...it's such a childlike playground thing to do. So many pathetic past wounds being played out. UGH!

BetteJo said...

I agree that it was not a hate crime and your assessment is dead on. There is one more element that I think enters into it. Technology. These are kids that have done just about everything with a piece of technology between them and other people, be it a computer or a phone .. they are one step removed from true humanity most of the time. For those of us who grew up playing outside and using phones without caller ID, technology doesn't affect us the same way. And I am truly concerned about where our youth is going these days without a true sense of empathy and lacking one on one interpersonal skills.