"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Catholic Church Abandons Israel. Will Catholics Be Sheeples or Cry Foul?

"In a communique at the end of their two-week meeting, the bishops demanded that Israel accept U.N. resolutions calling for an end to its occupation of Arab lands, and told Israel it shouldn't use the Bible to justify "injustices" against the Palestinians." - Yahoo News

The meeting was convened by Pope Benedict XVI.

After 9/11 the patriotism of this country was solid. I saw flags on every car, in windows of homes and apartments. We stood together. Nine years later I see none of this. And it didn't take nine years to crumble.

Will it be the same with the Catholics against Israel? Will I be forced to watch some initial support for the State of Israel, only to watch Catholics speak with their priests and come back to me with a complete 180 from their support of the State of Israel because they are sheeples who must adhere to what the Pope and the Cardinals say the flock should believe?

I'd like to believe I'm wrong. But I know I'm not. History tells me so. 

I have a lot of Christian followers/friends through Twitter. I hear or read the implied "my faith" and then the rest of their statement of belief. 

So I am asking you is it truly "your faith" or will you simply go along with what the Church is saying about Israel? Because following a HUMAN BEING who is the leader of your Church is NOT the same as FAITH.

If you can go along with this statement against Israel then you are a sheeple in the flock and a hypocrite. 

Many times I've been confronted as a single Jewish woman as to why I must find a Jewish partner and how come I cannot accept someone of another faith.

The very statement from the Catholic Church, your Bishops and your Pope is why. Your Pope has illustrated my need and point for me. 

When it comes down to it, only Jews will fully stand for Jews. And our survival is dependent upon this understanding.  Not just our survival as a religion. Our literal survival of our own individual life.

The Pope, through his Cardinals has sold out Israel AKA the JOOOOOS. The conference was about the state of Christians in this land controlled by the Palestinians. Put the pieces together and you can see what happened here.

I listen to a spiritual/medical intuitive Caroline Myss. She has a series of tapes that I've recently purchased. On them she discusses a town of people who gathered together to bring all their resources together ahead of time in case of a major disaster. The idea is that everyone will pull their supplies together and all will survive this way. The moms will share the milk etc...but she points out how untrue this is because as she perfectly illustrates: if you have five mothers with five little babies who need milk and only one mom has milk left, will you be the mother who let's her baby die for another to live?

Israel goes out of it's way, sacrificing it's own young soldiers to minimize the loss of life when they are forced to defend themselves. They will send in troops and go door to door rather than carpet bombing those bastard Palestinians who arbitrarily send rockets into Israel killing kindergarten children, or pull over innocent civilians driving their cars and murder pregnant women simply for the sin of being a Jew.

The Pope kept his bottle of milk. 


Celtic Scribe said...

The way I interpret the Bible is this: I have the OT telling me of the development of Israel as a nation chosen by G-d, loved by G-d
and on occasion disciplined by Him,
the NT introduces Jesus (A Jew) come as Messiah n whom ,if I place my trust in Him, I may enter into the Promises of G-d given to Abraham and fulfilling His Promise to Abraham to make him "father to many nations"
If the Pope is turning his back on Israel then he is, by definition, turning his back on Jesus given my
interpretation of the Bible, how can a Christian turn their back on the birthplace of their Saviour is beyond me, glad you posted this Lauren, it is a shocking turn of events!!

Green_Star1 said...

The Catholic Church committed a grave ERROR When speaking against Israel. God did not waste any words in the Bible When He said to Israel: "I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee" And if obama and clinton are not stopped they will bring that curse on America.

Resource helper said...

We know that G-d promised the Land of Israel to the Jewish people and there are absolutely millions of Americans who believe what the Bible says in that regard.
Furthermore, Israel cannot give up one little piece of land because G-d said they can't. It can't give up any land because it would be its death.
Lastly, what are we Americans do to help save Israel save herself?