"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Sunday, October 10, 2010

For Amanda & the Asian Woman @ the Pizza Place Tonight

For those of you who do not know the story here goes...about the Pizza Place:
Sitting on stool @ pizza place tonight, listening to my iPod. A woman sits next to me, looks a little familiar. I thought hey let me ask her if I know her from my walking group, and heck maybe I'll have someone to chat with nicely for a bit. So I say "You look familiar do I know you from...?" She says, "No." I say OK.I smile, back to my pizza. THEN she says to me, "I guess all asians look alike." OMG! What the HELL was that about?

As far as Amanda, you either know or you don't. But after 11 years of friendship and being one of only TWO people who ever visited her when she checked herself into the looney bin, I deserved better than the disgusting display that officially ended our friendship.

Not even sure she knows about my blog or would come across this but who cares. I dedicate this post to her.


BetteJo said...

Hmm. Well, if I lived in the area and checked myself into a looney bin and you visited me - I would be grateful forever. Just sayin'.

LaurAyn said...

BetteJo, RE: Amanda. I've know her for 11 yrs. She's always had serious rage issues. But this took the cake and was through FB no less. She's been posting very angry feelings so I finally said to her, re: a very angry post with a lot of angry friends posting egging on replies to my horror, that she basically was out for vengence to a belly dance teacher because after one class she thought the teacher was terrible.

You know a normal person would call and ask for money back or explain that they were not happy with the class and why. She had not done any of that. Some of her "friends" were saying some pretty harsh things.

I wrote that we are not guarenteed that everything we do will always be good. Better to put your energy to some positive place.

Her MUSLIM friend, the irony of that but I digress, wrote to me, because she has no idea what is proper edacate and said "that's the stupidest thing I ever heard".

I was flabbergasted that Amanda would allow a friend to be so nasty to me. She said nothing. So I wrote back in the succession of the replies "Well, I guess you haven't heard very much then. LOL" And this piece of shit writes again, "Everyone is entitled to their opinions, you just feel more entitled." Hmmm I don't know this person so what the fuck is this about?!? So I wrote, "WOW you must have super powers to know what I think and feel. Can you give me that power too? BTW I was writing to Amanda not you."

Amanda chose to yell at me, tell me I was being nasty to HER friend (whom she probably doesn't really know since the other day she begged for ppl to find others to friend her so she could get to 500) and then closed out our friendship without a not a word about it on FB.

11 years. I held her hand through many things. The loony bin was only one and only one other person came to see her the entire time she was forced to stay for a week.

In the end I realize that I have been praying for months for no drama and peace. And one by one things have dropped from my life. Because when you pray for change, change comes. It's usually not how you envisioned it. You have to be ready for the change you pray for and accept that is it as it should be. And there it is. Chapter 11! LOL