"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Catch Up

I haven't had the kick to write much lately. Laziness has taken over. I've been a bit of a spectator in my own life. So I thought I'd catch you up.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to PA Dutch Country which was terrific and meet two twitter pals. I had a super time. Thanks.

Sadly, because I have a blog stalker who is sicker than a fucktard with a bullet in it's belly, I won't be posting photos here. That asswipe has ruined that fun for me on this blog. But don't worry I have some great twitter friends who will be showing me how to use another blog format soon that allows the ability to block IP addresses, which also means finding the IP addresses and contacting local authorities of the harassment. Most of you know where my FB page is and can see the amazingly fun time I had.

In a handful of days we'll be going to the polls hopefully to vote the bums out of office and put in some fresh meat. I'm not that hopeful that too much will change by doing this but even small changes will protect our freedoms and that I feel hopeful will happen if the results are fair and honest, something I question.

Living in NY as a right-leaning thinker is a tough thing. I'm going to vote Republican but I don't think it will be enough to get rid of the moronic Schumer/Weiner/Gillibrand stranglehold.

NYS makes a total mockery of the election system where we give every idiot whatever he wants, even if it means having a party that is named "The Rent Is Too Damn High." PC bullshit has led us to this pathetic display as a legitimate party.

I was never into the popularity contests as a child and I can't stand that this is where it has ended up because no one had the balls to put an end to this shit when it started heavily in the late 70's.

I never played fair. That's right. I never went along to get along. You got that right. I wasn't gonna join in with the mean bitches picking on someone when I knew that they were making up crap to torture the hell out of some girl and so I was the target of a lot of anger. Today we call me a truth teller and I'm proud to be one.

So here's the truth: NYS government is a fucking joke full of PC highschool ass-lickers who never grew up and just want to be a part of the gang. Only now they have money and power to harass the normal people with.

My choices for Governor are Fucktard #1 or Fucktard #2. Oh the joys. I'm pulling for #2 because he'll be easier to get out and block a lot of crap the Democratic stranglehold has held on normal people for far too long. Things are horrible in my state because they run everything. Get the assholes out now.

Onto the kitties.

OMG they are doing great. I was worried about Sadie last week but her blood work did not show a problem. She did great after getting a vitamin B shot and so that makes me hopeful. Of course we have to watch her now and see if she loses anymore weight and if we need to do X-rays to see if there's anything happening internally that wouldn't show in blood tests results. Wish they could talk to us.

They are a joy in my life. Sadie is my shadow. I literally cannot even go to the bathroom without her. She will cry at the door begging me to let her in. It's fun to be loved that much.

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Aleta said...

You know Greg and I will be at the voting booth!

Hopefully you get the IP address of the idiot blogger who is giving you a difficult time. Cripes.

You made me smile about Sadie at your bathroom door. When we take a shower, Tigs will cry (loudly) until the shower turns off. I think he's trying to say, "IT'S WATER! GET OUT!! RUN!" Lol