"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why Do So Many In the Rest of The World Call Us Ignorant Americans?

Most of my readers are very educated and don't fall into this category. However, the Ignorant Americans that most of the world speaks of are what is know on Twitter as #p2 short for Progressives.

Progressives are the majority voice of America. But they aren't the majority of America.

Progressives control the MSM and most of our government.

These Proggies run around telling everyone else how to live and how they should be and how horrible everyone else is, how racist. I've found from personal experience that the majority of them are very mentally sick people who should have been in therapy since they were children. In large part most have had something personally done to them that was indeed horrible. But instead of having the chance to process that experience properly they were or felt neglected in some way and have put together in their very sick minds that it is something that the world should right for the wrong that has been done to them.

For example: I met a grown man who told me just the other week that he doesn't like Islam or Judaism and when asked why about the Judaism, I got a diatribe on how he was abused by his father as a young boy and that when he went to his Rabbi to try to get help the Rabbi had a hard time believing him.

Now we have a grown man who doesn't have the sense that god gave him to realize that his experience was his own and NOT collective and that that one man is not an entire religion nor is he responsible for the religion in not helping his as a child.

Was it sad that this happened to this man as a little boy. You betcha. Should someone have helped him. Of course.

But in his sick underdeveloped mind, THE JOOOOS were responsible for not helping him.

Not once did I hear any words about the father that actually beat this man as a child or how he might be responsible for this actions. Nor did I hear about him going to the government for help. Perhaps the police. Neither of those options were spoken about. But also neither were those options a help.

Sick sick minds are at the core of Progressives. If you speak with one you will find out their own personal tragedy that ties into their beliefs of why something should be imposed on you, because of what was done to them.

It's their own personal justice. And it's sick.

So know I hope you have a idea of the mindset of these sick Proggies...let's move on.

Now we have them in the power position of running the media and our government. But do any of them even know a lick of world history?

For example, did you know that India used to be all of Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as India on the map today?

If you didn't know that but you hem and haw about religious freedom and call people like myself racist, then you have no right to talk about public policy, justice, religion and you certainly have no right to scream at anyone about someone taking lands from other people and how much of an injustice that is.

You moronic Proggies think that the Islamic issues that we in the U.S. are facing are simply about our policies in the world and you scream and hollar the propagandist garbage that they hate us because of our U.S. policies around the world.

Ah you ignorant dumb pathetic Proggies...you have no idea that the exact same things are happening in Australia, did you?

And the same things are happening Indonesia. I received a private message from a woman who is Indonesian who said to me just the other day :The priest of HKBP church in Indonesia got stabbed, when he was goin to church.. :'( if I tweet u in open tweet, they would think that I make it worse by tellin other ppl

I asked her why she didn't tweet it in the open timeline and her response was: 

I won't fight fo this country..they evill :( they hate jews n christian :(

Our radical liberal left wing Progressives always take the stance that they are the ones helping in a multicultural way yet they no SHIT NADA NUNCA about any of those other cultures or peoples.  They are pathetic shitless wastoids wasting air for the rest of us.

Wake up PROGGIES. Wake up and see how it is YOU that contributes to the world suffering. 

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