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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Burning The Koran? What's This Really About?

So here's my take on this Koran burning nonsense.

It's more about the way we and the rest of the world are telling this story and the reaction to our knowledge of it than the actual event.

I'm not for book burning. It's an inflammatory book full of horrid hate speech and words of killing all that are non muslims. But it should stand for all time to show the disgusting hate. If we keep erasing things we do not like then we have no proof of them and cannot teach others properly how NOT to be.

However, burn the damn book or don't...it's not the core issue here. How as a society are we as a nation reacting to this? Most people whether we are conservatives or liberals are against this and think it's not the right thing to do. And most people are speaking publicly about not being in favor of this act. 

Now juxtipose our cultural response to the response of the Muslims.  The mere idea of this happening is somehow going to endanger our troops? WHY on earth should that endanger the lives of our Troops? And why is this story even known about anywhere outside the piss ant town in FL where this moronic little preacher has a flock of 50 people?

The MSM is super picky about what stories are told and what information is buried. This went viral on their say so. So who is really putting the Troops in harms way, if that is even a proper way to think about this action?

Now juxtipose the Muslim reaction to this piss ant preacher of not even one tenth of one percent of our total population to our reaction when we learn about the vandilization of the Statue of Our Lady Of Fatima in Portugal. This happened in January of this very year.

Have you even heard about this incident? WHY THE HELL NOT?
What was the graffiti: "has been vandalized with pro-Islamic graffiti."

It's more than half a year after this happened. Have you even heard of this incident? Where was the MSM? This is a church is Portugal. I'm sure it has more than 50 followers. It's a Catholic Church. Does this not have any significance? 

Before the 9/11 attacks in March of 2001 those bastard Taliban Islamic freakazoids blew up the Budda Statues that had been there for centuries.  This one made the news. But the reaction from the world was silent. And what did we get for our silence? We got more than 3000 U.S. citizens murdered only months later. 

I could list thousands of other horrid intolerant attacks by the Islamists against the West and our way of life and religions. But spare me and I'll spare you.

Whether we are obnoxious and want to burn their Koran (50 moronic ppl in a piss ant town in FL) or we are pathetically silent and tolerant of hateful acts against other religions by Islamists WE GET THEIR RAGEFUL ACTS against us.

Wake up. It does not matter.

And for the record: We ARE superior to them. 

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lot 2 learn said...

I think this is a great lesson in Freedom of speech.
I watched and read about the preacher that plans the burn, and have seen all the MSM can do to tear him apart including stories of him stealing from the church.
I have seen Youtube post from people saying "hell yeah burn it ! " all the way to people in tears cringing in fear.
This preacher just may be a slap in the face to those that enjoy lurking in the dark and watching Americans argue over the intentions of the Muslim people.
I wish there was this much outrage over our flag being burned in our own country, or similar coverage focused on the yellow drapes in the White House