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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where is KC?

Do you remember that childhood song... Where is thumbkins where is thumbkins, here I am here I am, how are you today sir, very fine thank you run away run way?

Well that is pretty much how my day went on Thursday. Only she refused to tell me where she was.

I was out at a doctors appointment and my roommate was home to let in the cable guy. KC could be the poster child for the term fraidy cat.  The cable guy was in every single room. He even used our bathroom. So this poor kitty had all her hiding spaces taken away.

I arrived home close to 3pm. When I didn't see her I didn't think much about it. I figured she was hiding and needed time due to the cable guy in the apartment. But by 5:30 I was worried when she didn't come out for dinner.

My roommate and I called her and tore our closets apart. And then I was worried. I kept asking her, "Are you sure you were at the door each time the cable guy walked in and out?" I could tell she was getting very worried and frightened that she lost her roommate's cat. But I really wasn't thinking about her feelings at the time. I was worried and concerned and had to be focused on finding my cat. I wanted to try to retrace the events while I was out to try to figure out where KC might have run from and ended up.

Finally I said to my roommate stop looking. She either found a really good hiding spot or she got out. I left the apartment and started looking. Although it made no sense to me that she would leave since she is always so scared of people and runs from the door not to the door I couldn't think of anything else. We looked in every corner of each closet and I literally picked up my couch and went under and behind every piece of furniture. I had pulled the refrigerator from the wall and looked behind the stove.

She was not to be found.

I met up with some neighbors. Good thing many of them are cat people and also have cats. They were sympathetic. My gut instinct was she was still inside. But my eyes were telling me there was no way.

So by now it's about 8pm. Still no KC and no meowing from her. I whistled which usually brings her. Nothing. So I decided I am going to cook dinner. And then I thought to myself "she's stuck" and even though it seemed pointless I opened the oven to see if she was there.


And then I thought let me just check the broiler below.

And there she was. Stuck. I had to pull her out.

Here you can see the hole in the back where she obviously got in and then got stuck.  I have no idea how the gas fumes may have affected her. All I know is I was really upset that she went in there and caused so much stress to me and the roommate. After I found her my roommate went to her room and cried. I felt so badly for her. I was glad I found KC and was so relieved but so angry at that cat at the same time. I took her and held her on my bed and told her "When Mommy calls you you come out to me!" I said it over and over and over. And so far from that point on if I call her she comes to where I am. 


Mum-me said...

how scary for all of you, but especially KC. Glad it ended okay.

BetteJo said...

It's amazing where they can get to. I've had plenty of times where one of them will go missing and I look and look and finally after I give up and go about doing something else, I will turn around and there they'll be. I KNOW there are places they hide that I simply overlook somehow. But the broiler? Never looked there!

LaurAyn said...

Mum-me, the fact that I almost cooked and killed her was the worst feeling. I would have been in the hospital if that happened. I could not have lived with that.

Bette-Jo, I've never been so thankful to look in a stupid place before. I couldn't believe it when I opened that door.