"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Friday, September 25, 2009

Stupid Enough Looking For You Ronda?

I'll match your picture with this protest from this week in Chicago and I'll up the anti by asking you to please tell me how Obama or speaking in Spanish has anything to do with the said reason of the protest which was that the Hyatt laid off workers?

Do you think these types of demonstrations are OK? Do you think they are mature and reasonable? Did you know 200 people were arrested and NOT one person at the 912 tea party protest in DC was out of what 500K or more people.

Let's be honest about what is happening and the way the media and fellow Americans are treating this situation for once.
The rest of the story about the arrests and protest that you won't see with the MSM or bloggers like Ronda.

This is my response to Ronda's blog who after posting a very very derrogatory post about Tea Party protestors and praising Jimmy Carter obviously closed her blog down to me. Tsk tsk.

Out of hundreds of photos and millions of people she deliberately chose that one photo and wrote a rude and mean post about a movement based on that. At this blog you'll see tons of photos of the crowd, the people, their signs, and you'll get to see not JUST white faces as the MSM and Ronda would have you believe.

When confronted by me about this she wrote to me "you need help"(...I'll address that line at the end of the post.)

Guess she isn't the open honest person she espoused to be with people who don't agree with her views. Hypocrite! I was going to link to her post to prove my point but she shut the blog down. What a joke! Grow up Ronda. Your commenters and you are anti-semetic and racist and you can't handle the truth and honest comments or debate.

Gee Ronda...you really can't see how hateful you are? Hmmm with all the current topics that are happening in our nation today that are dire and pressing. Let me see, I dunno UM maybe the raids on the terrorists dens in NYC, Denver and Houston over the past week.

Nope that's not scary enough or a concern enough for you. Or how the national debt has ballooned in just 8 months under Obama and will cost your "cutest boy in America" for the rest of his life.

No you're not a hater Ronda. Of course you're not. You simply chose to attack your fellow Americans instead. You simply decided to jump on the bandwagon of racist mongering instead.

But righto you're a Christian right? You're the caring one right? You volunteer at food banks right...while you judge the people that go there as scary and I had to be the one to point out to you that perhaps the man is just scared.

A very smart friend who is also a psychologist noted the following to me, so here's some free therapy for you Ronda:
1-If she listened to your facts she would have to change her entire life.
She would not only lose all of her following & friends but she would have to look in the mirror and feel some responsibility for supporting the likes of Jimmy Carter and attacking earnest American citizens.

2-That would feel really bad. She's looking for an easy, mindless "feel good."

And she goes on to explain the following about her own transformation:
To be able to change one's point of view is a sign of greater intellect and emotional courage. How do I know? I had that "Ah-Ha" moment. And it was disconcerting - and embarrassing - but later it felt good. I was just mindlessly "lib-ish" because I wanted to think of myself as a compassionate person, wrongly thought Republicans were all rich and mean and because, back in the day of the dinosaurs, my parents voted Democrat (so I WAS a registered Democrat - now an Independent).

My "Ah-Ha" moment came:
1. when a department of Middle eastern men that I worked with cheered at the TV on 9/11/01 (in a Queens NYC Hospital). I was very confused- I had liked these guys- partly because they were "multicultural."
2. When I saw Palestinians dancing and cheering after 9/11/01 on TV - they pulled that off the air quickly!

Regarding those who meet you with the "you need help" garbage here's what my Psychologist friend had to say:
By the way, when people tell you that you "need help" - don't take that comment in! They are projecting - It is their own self-deception that won't allow them to reach out for the help that they need (speaking as Psych Dr. here)

Great Photo Montage from 912 in DC


Aleta said...

Republicans are rich? Really... darn, where's my money?? LOL.

Seriously though, your friend made EXCELLENT points. Bravo to you for this post!

Lauren said...

Aleta, yeah where is your money. Money gram anyone. LOL

Anonymous said...

Rhonda needs to take a long look in the mirror! Taking things out of context just to make us look like psychotic criminals, is, well, really psychotic!

Lauren said...

Justsnapd8- added you to my daily reads list on the sidebar! Thanks for popping in and for the comments.

Justine said...

I'm sorry, but from an outsider looking in, you give off the "hateful" vibe to me. I've read Ronda's blog for quite a while now and I've never seen anything on it I would deem hateful. Yours however, I cannot say the same about.

This has nothing to do with left wing, right wing, or a buffalo wing. I'm a-political, so I could give a rat's ass about the controversy between the two parties.

Reading between the lines here, I think you are projecting a cry for a more open mind.


Lauren said...

Justine, 1st send Ronda and don't be her bitch. 2nd what she wrote was so obviously hateful pointed and racist it couldn't be any more OBVIOUS. As someone who pretty much never blogs about politics but pulls that ONE photo and praises Carter along with her commenters it is indeed hateful what she did.
3rd- there's NOTHING on my blog that is hateful, unless of course you had the intelligence to realize that the things I EXPOSE are the HATEFUL things.

I've read Ronda's blog and known Ronda via email and snail mail for about a year now. NEENER...that means nothing to me in this debate.

She attacked her fellow Americans rather than realizing the hateful accusations she was participating in. I pointed it out. NUF said! I posted the truth. Now you carry on with your apolitical lies and emotional blackmailing.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Ronda but if she judged a million+ people by one sign, her problems must run a lot deeper than this one post. To support Carter an anti-Semite to the core, tells me all I want to know about Ronda.

Stay feisty Lauren.

ab initio ad infinitum

Jeanne said...

I guess the thing I've always like about Ronda is that, while she has strong opinions and doesn't hesitate to express them, I've never seen her attack anyone in a mean-spirited and personal way.

Lauren said...

@ Jeanne, tell Ronda to stop sending her buds and to come over and answer for herself.

Now to your comment, you aren't looking at what she did with a critical eye. And you obviously didn't read a word of my post. Very very typical of those on the left. If you want comments of yours posted from this point forward you'll have to stick to the topic which was about what Ronda did and refuses to take responsibility for. Not my supposed mean-spiritedness you are trying to allude to etc...those are just pathetic left-wing tactics to deflect and project.

STICK TO THE TOPIC...which is clearly in my post!

MichaelDCarney.com said...

Americans have fallen for the game of politics - divided we fall - to corrupt gov't, media, and at the core - bad ideas. It does not matter if you vote democrat or republican, read Ronda or camp on every word here - they have got you all to fall. Tell me, in the last 10 exchanges of party in office (splits equal 5 Dems 5 GOP) which of the parties resolved spending so the debt was not growing? Which restored power to the People or the States instead of removing it? Which cut needless gov't out of your life? The answer? None. We lost the game a long time ago...time to join hands and re-found our country.