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Friday, September 4, 2009

More From Ted Kennedy

I received this in my email on Wednesday night:

Dear Friend,

My Name is Mr. Mark Ford a staff of a reputable Bank here in London.

There is a need for you to urgently reply and let me know if you can assist me in a business deal.

I am the accounts officer to the late American Politician Senator Edward Kennedy.

Senator Edward Kennedy He made a deposit of a huge amount of money in our bank and as the account officer, I have with me all the information regarding to the funds with our bank here.

He deposited the money here since the year 2001 and was hoping to come for it's withdrawal before he died.

I just returned from the United States Of America to personally confirm his death and no body asked me about the money showing that he never told any one about the said amount of money.

I urgently need your assistance to transfer the money out of this bank
into your account.

We shall share the money 50% - 50%.

I want to assure you that with my position here, the money will
legally and smoothly be transferred to you.

Please confirm to me your interest so that I can give you the detail.

Call me on +447024051988
Best Regards,
Mark Ford.

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