"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swine Flu - Germ Warfare?

I live really close to one of the outbreaks of this Swine Flu the media is all over. Of course I'm a bit concerned.

But I am wondering why noone is connecting the dots to germ warfare. HELLLOOO. I don't care what our stoooopid President says, there IS a war on terror happening. Just because we decide not to call it that or wish to play possum with the truth that there are sick enemies out there that couldn't care less if we let our elected leader go abroad and state we are arrogant or whether or not we bomb the Taliban, they wish us dead. PERIOD!

There have been reports for many years that muslim terrorists have infiltrated Mexico and would use Mexico to perpetrate their next big attack on us. DUH!

Doesn't anyone else find it odd that this flu is so strong and easily spread and seems to be affecting mostly those who are ages 25-45? The strongest and most needed ages in any population!


Mum-me said...

Sounds feasible, but aren't Muslims not supposed to have anything to do with pigs? Or is that Jews? (apologies for my ignorance.)

Bungalow Bill said...

I have been trying to push this idea for days. There are just too many strange coincidences going on. Is this the world conflict Joe Biden warned of? Could be.

Angry said...

LOL... good one Lauren, you had me going until the last paragraph.


Lauren said...

@Mum-me, yes to both because Islam stems from Judaism, cousins. But really the germ is not from eating pigs, it's a hybrid from that species and it mutated and jumped to humans. Many people thought it was weird (and sadly have forgotten about this) that the first West Nile cases in the US were discovered just across from the U.N. coinkidink?

@Bill-any stupidity on the admins fault could be what Biden was referring to. The man doesn't even understand the role of president and wants to do everything in his power to redefine it.

@angry - well your always nay saying and angry anyway. So I'm not worried about what you think.

Angry said...

It's a flu virus... there's nothing new or unusual about a flu virus spreading quickly around the world and killing thousands. It happens every year.

This one however is a new strain of flu, and that's a worry because it's potential is unknown, but what is unusual is that it hasn't killed many people by now.

But as for something conjured up by Muslim terrorists... well it's a very blunt weapon, it would kill more Muslims than Americans as it spread around the world and they won't get their virgins in the afterlife because they've done it anonymously and won't be martyred for their life's sacrifice. Just doesn't make any sense.

Oh and...

I'm sorry to see you say that because I don't agree with you, Lauren, that my thoughts aren't worthy of being taken seriously.


Lauren said...

@angry - your comments aren't taken seriously because you are a joke and always are. You come to my site as a new commentor and have done nothing but mock me and act angry, hence your online persona. DUH!

You're the typical UN-intellectual leftist troll that changes the topic, twists the conversation and makes it about themselves and the character of others...therefore I simply point out that you have ZERO factual argument.

Because YOU say say it is? HAHAHA! Show me your credentials. Better yet, don't and don't come back. You're a stupid distraction from truth telling.

Those stupid megalomaniacs don't care if they die in the process you stupid ass moron troll. In order to kill 3000 innocent people they took their own lives and flew into 4 buildings.

So in the spirit of Dani who inspires me so: SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Isolated Existence said...

"So in the spirit of Dani who inspires me so: SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

You crack me up! Thanks for the laugh. I'm not into politics but I like reading what you have to say and how you tell anyone what's on your mind...

Lauren said...

@Isolated - and thank you. I got a real good giggle out of your acceptance of me and especially description. BLUSHING. I needed that. Yeah I'm pretty darn direct ain't I? ;)

LadyBanana said...

Oh my dear Lauren, you do have a vivid imagination.. :)

Lauren said...

@DianaBanana - actually, it's not imagination at all. There have been years of reports that Al Queda has infiltrated Mexico and is waiting for their time to cross our porous borders or do worse. It's been squashed by most MSM but the reports are out there and many from Mexico talk about this as well. the sad fact is that these scumbags want us dead for who we are period at all costs. Read Ayyan Hirsi Ali.

LadyBanana said...

But surely it will kill just as many Muslims and anybody else!

Anyway, recent reports are showing it to be much milder than first thought so wherever it came from lets hope it will not stick around too long..

Lauren said...

@DianaBanana - yes it would kill them too and they don't care. As I said please go read some things from Ayyan Hirsi Ali. You're talking about a very large and strong faction of Islam that have no problem with suicide bombings. They have no respect for life, even their own if it means spreading what they feel is the only way to live.

You're thinking too rationally. If only THEY did.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

It seems like a "test" of a viable multi-strain influenza to me. The most dangerous viruses combine ability of different strains/subtypes of viruses to hybridize together. This means that these viruses can swap and merge genetic information to create a new strain/subtype of flu virus. This “hybridization” process is known as “antigenic shift”. As populations have no immunity to the new subtype, and as no existing vaccines can confer protection, antigenic shift has historically resulted in highly lethal pandemics. For this to happen, the novel subtype needs to have genes from human influenza viruses that make it readily transmissible from person to person for a sustainable period. The most notable example of this is the Great Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918-19 that resulted in the deaths of 40-50 million people worldwide. The Flu virus causing this great tragedy is believed to derive from an antigenic shift resulting from the interactions between Avian and Human Flu Viruses.
To create a super bug, it is manditory to have something the human body does not recognize nor hold the ability to combat.
I think if this is anything, it will prove to be another "panic button" for liberal and socialist agenda. Perfect to push universal health care spending! Lauren, these times are far bigger than the president. The major powers and societies that run the purse strings of the world are very influential to who gets elected, to banking, to United Nations blunders. We are headed to the New World Order and the means to do this will be the complete collapse of freedom and free market. When the evolution of this deficit kills off the dollar, we will be well on our way to one world currency, and the rest will be history as the US lies there smoking from the burn.