"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gay Rights...and My Bafflement With Their Love Affair With The Left

I used to be a liberal. It was a long time ago. The reasons I identified with that affiliation were my feelings about government not being involved in my personal life.

I know that people like to hijack the term pro-life and it's come to mean against abortion but that's not how I see things and I won't let any person or group do that to me.

I'm pro-life and pro-choice! I'm pro MY LIFE and MY CHOICE to decide what I will do with my body or not should I ever get pregnant and I stand strongly for each woman to decide this for herself without political pressure from any other person or group! PERIOD! My human rights comes first.

As for being gay...let me put this at you clearly: Not ONE gay person ever created another gay person. It takes a man and a woman to make a baby. That means that it's heterosexuals who are creating gay people!

No one ever taught me to like boys. I just did. I chased them from a young age on the playground...schoolyard crushes. It wasn't like I had the best role models to show me a loving heterosexual relationship, believe you me.

And I do feel for those in the gay community because really they have nowhere to turn but the left is SLEEPING with their enemies. The right is just against their lifestyle.

I know we all want things to be perfect and in a perfect world these wouldn't be the choices. But I think the biggest thing missing from the minds of our youth today is the understanding of real choices and what doing or feeling one way means on the other side of those choices and decisions.

So for me I mostly align myself politically with those on the right. I do not agree with all that they stand for. But I know they are their beliefs only and I can live with them and work around the ones I do not agree with.

The left however makes international alliances with Iran, Pakistan (now as the militants are taking over) and Russia. I don't need to give examples as they are so recent and clear cut. These countries regimes are staunchly anti-gay. Moscow police arrested many people this past weekend for protesting against the government's position on gay rights. And according to the report they did so pretty violently.

In reading the story I wondered about the Americans that were there to organize this event, why they felt it was their business to be there and why they haven't tried this in Iran. After all Russia is one of the largest suppliers of weapons to Iran and is economically strongly tied to that country. Iran has an even worse human rights record and their President makes public claims that they have no gay people.

So the next time idiots like Garafalo who are totally brainwashed by the left, scream that those of us who support the Tea Parties are just redneck hick racists...maybe just maybe someone intelligent and not brainwashed will throw these realities in her/their faces and show who is the redneck racist and and who is not.


lot 2 learn said...

I had to read the post a few times to be sure I understood what you were saying, because I have not heard many people explain it as you have here.
I agree that women have control over their bodies, and hope more people can realize this before pregnant women that want abortions become criminals.
I also believe that however someone wants to live their life, they should be allowed without government interference
We both beleived these things last year along with around 43% of the rest of our country and now we are at the mercy of the majority
Glad I am down here in the country : )

Josh said...

I'm always a little confounded by the left and their willingness to bend over for non-Americans. Their "reason" is for damn sure beyond mind.

As much as I can figure, part of what it means to be a good liberal in today's progressive America involves viewing America as a trivial piece of land inhabited by bullies.

There's no need to get into the daily instances of blatant hypocrisy; I remain dumbfounded regardless.

I do have a theory on non-politician liberals: Once you're above middle-class, the elitist mentality sets in. It makes sense that people--just not you, if you're that person--should give and give in to control. And if you're below the poverty level, you buy into the "giving" as well when the elitists claim you're entitled to dine on the rich.

I've yet to meet a regular, working-class liberal in ideology. I've met them in name, especially since Obama's president. But I've never met a regular person that has agreed with liberals' ideology.

The liberals I've met and that I know all either want to take or want someone else to give.

My 1 1/2 cents on the left :-)

Lauren said...

@lot2learn, never will it become a crime or a woman be a criminal because for whatever her reasons which are personal and have no right to be the discussion of you or the public nor I, to have a pregnancy aborted.

Were you aware that there is such a thing as a spontaneous abortion? It happens in a huge amount of women. Often they didn't even know they were pregnant and yet it happened. It's still an abortion.

No matter what your personal feelings on the matter is, the issue is NOT this BS manipulation that it's about murder! THAT is crap on a stick.

The issue is and always will and should be and we will always work to get this clear...that it's a personal choice, government out of my personal health issues, how my body is or will be or my moral choices.

Josh- LMAO at your "you" and "not just you comment" Wondering if you read my blog often. LOL

lot 2 learn said...

Wait a sec my dear Lauren, I am not suggesting that abortion should become a criminal act. I am all for a womans right to choose.
What I am suggesting that with the bigger government attitude that the majority of our country has, it is not that far from the realm of possibility
As I write this to you, I watch as police search for a mother that is " hiding " her son from conventional medicine because he chooses not to go through chemotherapy.
Where is the young boy's rights to his own body ?
I hope I did not send you the wrong message

Lauren said...

@lots2learn- I did think that from your statement. Glad you came back and cleared that up. I'm as upset about that case for the very same reasons I am prochoice. It seems from what I've heard, that these people want to do treatments, just not chemo. The stats on living because of chemo are atrocious. Most people die from the damn poison. It's pathetic in this particular case.