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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rev. Alberto Cutie?

I know that some Catholic readers will be pissed at me for posting this story and my comments but really peeps stop and breathe because this story is way too funny not to post and comment on.

You can't expect me to pass up on a story about a Priest with the last name Cutie who's young and good looking and publically admits to having a love affair with a woman.

And not only does he admit to this, he admits to being in this love affair that has been consumated for the last two years while he continued to be a Priest and carry out the duties of the church.

It's funny for this single girl for so many reasons. It highlights so much of what I find frustating about men...not all men, just the ones that seem to always get away with this kind of stuff.

The hypocricy of the situation is so glaring. A man of God lying for the past two years.


Premarital sex...or is it considered an affair because Priests are committed to God. I know that Nuns marry God but is it the same with Priests?

And this one's been preaching about relationships and writing books all the while deceiving his flock.

I'm a rather conservative girl on a lot of subjects but there's certainly a few that I'm not conservative minded on at all. I think the idea of sex and what is not ok to do etc...is preached so wrongly from the conservative side of the aisle and I see these stories as proof that while good in theory...the idea of abstinence just doesn't work. We are not biologically made this way.

However, if you take a vow I believe strongly that you should always strive to respect that vow, and if you faulter you make ammends, honest ammends. Two years hardly seems like any ammeding to me.


Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Gotta go check this story out!! Never thought I'd see the day when a priest actually admitted to having an affair...have stranger things happened??

Marissa said...

Oy. He should just leave the priesthood already. What's there to "consider", just get on with it already. Sheesh. That way, he can do the mambo all he wants with his girlfriend.