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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Guess I Need To Give Up My Dream

My dream lately has been that things would be peaceful and I would be seen as the peaceful person that everyone will get to know.

But the move into my new digs has been nothing but drama.

Seriously all I wanted was a peaceful transition. I hired the same moving company which worked so well last time minus an itty bitty hiccup. This time 3 new guys were sent to me. And for some reason the lead guy gave me such shit about parking at the new apt and screamed at me that there's no place to park and I have to agree to pay any ticket he gets and he only makes $100 for this job.

As if I give a living shit about his pay. NO WAY BUD! On my job if I can't find parking I can't bill my customers. The fee is the fee and I paid $400 for the move because even though I had the same amount of items to move and the travel time was exactly the same, this crew took longer to do the job. No way will I be responsible for parking tickets.

I know my trolls will think it's true but I do not have STUPID written on my forehead.

I spent the better of a half hour on the street arguing with this knucklehead. And yes the neighbors saw this.

Welcome LaurAyn! UGH!

Ah but wait, there's more..................................
Saturday morning I had to go back to the old apt early. I haven't been able to sleep. When I got back I couldn't find KC. So of course I look and look and move the refrigerator and stove and you name it I looked there. I went in every crack. I went door to door asking neighbors if they saw her.

I thought maybe in my sleep deprived state she got past me as I left the apt so early in the morning. I was frantic. So yes, this is how I got to know my neighbors.

I did find KC in a spot I had searched many times before. At 4pm. Just sitting there looking up at me in an empty closet.

I am officially the drama neighbor. LaDeeDA! Lucky me!


Aleta said...

Sorry, I laughed. Not funny going through the drama. What an idiot to think YOU would have to pay for HIS parking ticket. Ridiculous. People will take advantage of you if they think that they can.

Well... it WAS a good way to meet the neighbors. Lol. Hope you are finally settling in and enjoying the new place!

BetteJo said...

Cat's will do that. Exasperating, isn't it?

LaurAyn said...

Bette Jo, I was JUST 9as in probably as you hit send) thinking about you and how I need to send "R" to you this week. I've finally settled in. Will be in touch.