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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Kitty Momma Drama

Tonight apparently Sadie decided that she likes asparagus. I forgot I had a tiny piece that had dropped on the floor, on my desk. Well, the person that I am, action first then think...I put my hands in her mouth to grab what I thought was some string she found. She desperately wanted to eat the asparagus...shit this kitty has good taste eh? Well I was bitten. Full through my finger. Part of my thumb would not stop bleeding even with pressure. A spastic trip to the about to close Walgreens for a styptic pencil and then a few tweets and freaking out kitty momma drove herself to the ER for a much needed Tetnus shot and antibiotic. I'm fine now. But I'm sure my new roommate thinks I'm a nut! The poor woman had to tie my shoes for me to leave the apt. LOL


Mum-me said...

Hope your finger is better now .... a cat who likes asparagus, hey? My mum's cat used to eat green tomatoes right off the vine. Who says kitty's only like fish??

BetteJo said...

One of my cats loves baked beans and another with practically rip cotton candy out of your hands. Strange tastes!
Good idea about the tetanus shot, I know I'm due. Should have gotten one when my cat danced on my head with her back claws in the middle of the night. You're smarter than I am.

Aleta said...

Omg.. I would have freaked out too! She just to eat healthy lol.