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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Buy Me A Coffee? Give The Kitties A Good Home.

If you've enjoyed my blog and found giggles, value, good information or it just helped you waste your time while you were supposed to be working please consider donating $5/$10 or whatever amount your heart and wallet can allow. THINK BIG! Think of it as buying your bloggy friend a cup of coffee over a nice chat. Simply leave me your email in the comments section and I'll email you the paypal information.

Why am I asking for your donations now? Well, after writing this blog for more than two years I've found myself in a position of needing more income to throw at a new landlord so that I can secure a new home for me and the kitties. The one thing we can always count on in life is change, often unexpected. That's where this blogger is at the moment.

With so many big and small businesses that have closed, and so many people who are out of work I'm finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. Now it looks as though this government take over of the student loan  system will put thousands more people out of work. Just another hit at the banking industry.

To some it sounds good in theory but those people never realize the domino effect of these decisions. With less and less people to buy my services it is less and less money in my pocket to pay my rent and bills.

So if your wallet will allow your heart to provide,  this is your favorite ranting blogger asking for your generous donations so that I can find the four of us a new home.

Here's a post with all the dirty details explaining why I have had to issue this plea for financial help.

Thank you to Jess from Thoughtful Reflections for making the first donation in the amount of $25.
Also thank you to @kocart on twitter for her donation of $30!!
Thank you Bette Jo and Janie Lynn for your donation of $100. Please send me another comment to let me know how I can
attribute this on the blog by way of a link so others can find you.

Thank you to the anon. donor who made a donation of $100.
Thank you to Cheri @somuchpain for her very kind donation of $30!!!


Cynthia Yockey said...

Hi, I didn't realize you are a regular reader of my blog. You will be greatly empowered in activating your inner resources for attracting everything you need to get your new apartment and move if you buy the book advertised at my blog, "How to Get Lots of Money for Anything -- Fast." I really do advertise it because the advice is sound and thorough and it works. However, I'd also like to help you out with a donation, so drop me a line with your PayPal e-mail address. Also, if Blogger lets you install PayPal buttons, they are very easy to install. If you put it in a sticky post, that could help.

LaurAyn said...

Hi Cynthia, how can I get in touch with you? I don't see an email. Please advise via a comment. Thanks.