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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Boy What I End Up With On Dates!

So those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that just about two years ago I went on a date with a guy from a speed dating event, had a little too much sangria and walked into a Petco and adopted Leo. I took Leo home and never saw that guy again.

Well on Monday I went into the eyeglass place where I bought my most recent pair of glasses to have them adjust the way they sit on my face, as they had been tilting a little and annoying the hell out of me, but I digress.

Well to my shock and surprise the gentleman who was "helping" me overheard me speaking with his colleague about telling an online local social group I belong to about their services, mentioning the town I live in, and blurts out "Are you on JDate?!?!"

Stunned! OK so I share this all with you on my blog but in my real life I do not advertise my doings and certainly not while I'm in the eyeglass store!

He goes on to blurt out, and boy if you could have seen his facial expressions and body language people, "Yes I know you. I know you from JDate. Once I told you I was divorced you cut me off." And he does the hand gesture over the throat as he says this, like slicing someone's neck.

Now everywhere I go someone thinks they know me, or that I remind them of their long lost sister's best friends aunt's cousins babysitter or something! Truly. Many years ago when I had short hair and before it went gray I almost made a token booth clerk hyperventilate thinking I was Wynona Ryder. Yes yes this was before she was outed for being a clepto!

So I'm telling this guy how it wasn't me. But boy is he insistent. There wasn't much I could do. And saved by the bell, the phone rang and someone was asking for him. I left.

But I was pissed. I was shouted at and called out in public for some rejection issue of his and this really annoyed me. And the more I thought about it the more angry I became.  So I issued a complaint when I arrived home.

Now I'm picking my brain the entire car ride to figure out who this idiot could have been from the, Um, let's see, 5 men that contacted me the entire time I had a subscription??!?! There was ONE guy who lied about his marital status listing he was divorced but then told me via email that he was not divorced but separated and I know that irked the shit out of me and I told him no thanks.

So Mr. Eyeglass guy. Let me tell you what I didn't in the store on Monday. You're a freak! You're a liar. And since Jdate has the check off box to tell people that you're separated and you chose not to check off that box, you're a scam artist. If it was you and we did communicate then you're an even bigger idiot than I originally thought you were. You should have cut your losses when I only thought you were a liar.  Now I think you're a freak and I'm even more proud of my good judgment to nix communication with you. You're pathetic to have held on to this anger over being rejected for all these months and might I suggest therapy before you go back out to the dating pool and behave this way to the rest of the single women out there. None of us deserve your bullshit wrath.

Oh dear loyal readers. I'm getting free glasses this week because of his outburst.

The goods that men bring me to keep adding up. Leo my wonderful yellow boy and awesome new free glasses.

I win!


Aleta said...

You know how I feel about this already :) I wanted to add, my second ex, while we were separated AND while he was sending me emails that I shouldn't divorce him, he was online trying to get dates. I know this because one of my friends was on the same site that he was on and recognized him!!! Any man who is separated should be upfront. Being separated and being divorced are two different animals! What a scumbag for what he did online and then did in the eyeglass store. I'm glad you got a free pair of glasses for all the crap you had to deal with.

(on a sad note... a good friend of mine, her cat's name is Leo too.... her cat, Leo, just passed away. So, when I see "Leo" on your blog.. kind brings me a happy but sad feeling. Happy for you, sad for her)

LaurAyn said...

Aleta, sorry about your friend's cat Leo. It's horrible to lose a pet. I still think about Emily and Olivia so often. It's hard to go back and remember misteps. Your personal story of your Ex solidifies how I immediately felt, whether it was this guy or not. And even if not what a weirdo to hold on to that for so long and blurt it out to a customer he suspects is the person. OY!