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Friday, January 15, 2010

Hell In Haiti

I'm not even going to pretend I know that much about Haiti. Before the earthquake I knew that it was the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere rife with corruption. I know that there is a large Haitian community in Brooklyn and that community is in a bad neighborhood.

I've been retweeting a lot of tweets from @RAMhaiti to let others know what is happening there from his POV. He's at a hotel there where his band has played for many years. Apparently there are journalists there all surrounding one desk. I suppose it's one of a handful of places to get satellite communications.

Some on twitter have moronically tweeted in agreement with Pat Robertson "They Have officially made a pact with the Devil, according to TeleEvangelist Pat Robertson"

I blocked those former followers. I find them archaic, judgmental and very UNchristian. 

When there is a natural disaster it is human and normal to try to find the meaning of the situation. We are mere mortals and it is hard to understand the devastation and deaths of humans on such a massive scale. This is understandable.

I think my mother had it more correct than I've heard from any other source. Mom's not that spiritual a person. She's more the matter of fact, blunt type...which is where I get that part of me from. 

Haiti has been a cesspool, run by corrupt thugs that have left their own people who freed themselves from slavery 200 years ago, into the slavery of poverty by their own hands. It's very sad. But perhaps, as Mom suggested, this is their chance to build a new better country. 

I liken this to the times of Pharaoh. When the Jews were let go and fled, g-d parted the Red Sea. But behind them came the Egyptians and g-d made sure they drowned. That was the end point. We know that there were plagues first and in them women and children died as well as the non innocents. 

We cannot begin to speak for g-d. I don't know why that must happen. But the bible and history show evidence of this.

There's almost nothing left of Haiti. Their own President has stated that his government is gone. Many have been killed in the quake. Buildings are gone. Thousands of souls have perished, good and bad. They have had coups, and hurricanes and forced into poverty by their own leaders.

Maybe this is g-ds way of salvation for these people. I do not believe it is punishment and shame on those for saying so.

Update to this post: I found this tonight through another twitter follower. I thought it fitting to the subject and so I share.


Jessica said...

Beautiful post...it made me cry. It has been really hard for me to wrap my head around this whole thing. I spent a lot of the evening last night, watching news and weeping for those people and their devastation. You and your mother are very insightful women..thanks for helping me think of this tragedy in a different way.

deenalev said...

Very interesting, especially the Machles video. Thanks for posting it.