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Monday, January 4, 2010

Cadilac Kitties

I swear there should be a sign in any animal shelter or pet store that says:
Disclaimer - You could have a new car or this cat.

Last week I ran around NYC with Leo back and forth to the Vet. The bill was gynormous and it took three trips and many test before the Vet learned that Leo has some kind of condition that causes his bladder to create sand-like material that then gets caught in his urethra. So Leo has to be on special formula food that breaks down that chemical reaction and then a new one in a few weeks that prevents it from happening.

Even after a nice discount from the Vet I still had $600 + from his bills alone.

As if that weren't enough, on Sunday I found Sadie with one of her nails protruding from her paw that would not retract from the sheath. She wouldn't even let me get close to it. Poor thing. So I called our Vet and was told she had to be brought in that day.

Sadie put up a good fight getting into the carrier but I managed to get her inside and off we went. However, when we arrived she had urinated and pooped in the carrier and of course was frightened and shaking and wanted mommy to hold her. NO FREAKIN WAY Poor thing of course mommy will hold you after the Vet techs wash you up.

Thank goodness for the techs who cleaned the pee out of the carrier and blanket inside. They also gave Sadie a complete bath.

And there you see in the photo what was her nail/claw. They had to sedate her and then remove it. They say it will grow back.

Here is what she looks like now. At points I think she looks like Popeye the Sailor Man...because she does this weird squint thing with one eye and pushes her right bandaged paw out and lays there.

And because I thought no one would believe me I've taken video of this super kitty that climbed up to the top of my entertainment unit, bandage and all while I was out at work. I don't have a clue how she did it since she's hobbling around like an old lady on a bum knee but she did!

Tack on another $210 to my tab please Mr. Vet! I'll drink to that!


Jessica said...

Poor Kitties! :( Sadie looks cute though!

Aleta said...

OHHHHHHHHHH, pooh Sadie!!! That picture of her nail had me cringing!! But the comment "you could have a new car or this cat" - freakin' hilarious and oh so true. They are expensive critters, aren't they? I'm sorry they are going through this. I've thought about getting Pet Insurance, but that stuff is as expensive as the vet visits!

LaurAyn said...

@Jess - Poor Kitty's mommy!
@Aleta - It was gross wasn't it? Pet insurance...been there done that. Total scam. Never covers the amounts they say and you pay so much more into it than you get from it. This time I said HELL NO.