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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Progressives Fight For Freedom of Religion in Favor of GZ Mosque But Join Boycotts Against Israel

Crazycatkid gets the attribution today. She found this great post at Dry Bones.

Over at Atlas Shruggs you can find the following photo. I had been searching for a while to find this online and Geller was able to find it and post it first.
But it seems that evidence, facts matter not to leftists, progressives, for they have some void in their life that allows them to feel so empty that they need to have something, even if its devoid of reason to belong to that makes them feel they are standing up for someone else, perhaps in place of the time when they should have done it for themselves and didn't and feel robbed of that time. So they search for that place to belong and to right their own personal wrong. And these bastards take advantage of their emotional void and these idiots flock to these people.

So sick.

Yes, that is Hitler with the Grand Mufti.  The Muslims/Moslems collaborated with Hitler. We got rid of Hitler but we did not get rid of the Islamic Moslems and we let Hilter live within their societies. And now we have the horridness we are living today.

Being kind to the cruel results in cruelty to the kind.

The United States and Israel have always bent over backwards to be kind to not only their friends but their enemies. The return on investment has been it's own people taking down (or attempting to at this point in time) our great society. "A mean country" I believe was the quote from Michelle Obama. And there are many young people who agree with her.

I'll attempt to explain.

You see America is not a perfect place. And while we are free to explore all our possibilities, in the process we often get kicked down. Because other people are also free to say no to us. And the 20-somethings and younger have been raised by the worst parents in our history, who taught them that everyone is a winner and gave them everything they asked for and now these grown ups are spoiled brats who cannot handle when they do not get what they feel entitled to at every turn. HORRID, it's the governments fault, they're so mean. The government should do what Mommy and Daddy did for us growing up and make everything equal. Everyone got a blue ribbon at our science fair! Michelle Obama must be right.


And that's how you grow a progressive to hate their own country, that gave them the opportunity to have parents that spoiled them rotten to the core.

So these whiny brats will boycott Israel, the only nation in the ME to give Gays any rights at all and the only nation in the ME that gives "Palestinians" the right to work and to be in government, and the only nation in the ME that gives women freedom and equal rights.

So these whiny brats can stand and call people like myself bigots and racists while fighting for a BUILDING in the name of freedom of religion for a people who will not renounce Hamas and will take money from Saudi Arabia to build this mosque.

Hamas/Hisbollah calls for the complete annihilation of the Jews everywhere. Saudi Arabia will not let a Jew into their country, and will not let someone with a stamp from Israel in their passport into their country. Oh and let's not forget to attribute the Saudis properly with their latest inhumane ways.  Even CNN is telling you that this is allowable under SHARIA LAW:
"(CNN) -- Amnesty International on Friday urged Saudi Arabian authorities not to paralyze a man as punishment for his having paralyzed someone else, allegedly during a fight.The Saudi newspaper Okaz reported that the judge in the case had sent letters to several hospitals in Saudi Arabia asking if they could sever a man's spinal cord, as the man he allegedly stabbed had requested and, under sharia law, was his right to seek."

I won't hold my breathe waiting for these sissy-pants bleeding heart progressives to demonstrate against this. No No, they are too busy protesting in support of the MOSQUE at GZ that supports the Saudis  and Sharia law in the name of Freedom of Religion.

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