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Monday, August 23, 2010

Con Edison Owns the Building Where Park51 Wants Their Mosque

I saw an ad on FOX today to call Con Edison since they own the building that is near Ground Zero, where the Burlington Coat Factory used to be, and where the wheels of the plane that flew into The Twin Towers ended up along with human remains that are there to this day.

I waited through all the prompts and finally spoke to some customer service representative to register my complaint about selling the building to this evil Imam.

Mr. Spence, the Con Ed representative told me that the building's lease holder was exercising his right to purchase the building and that he held the lease for 38 years. Hmmm 38 years. This Imam has been holding this lease for 38 years. Because as Mr. Spence put it "the lease holder had it in his lease as a right to purchase the building while holding the lease."

I want proof that this Imam has had this lease for 38 years. How dare they sell this building to these Hamas loving bastards.

Please call 800-75-CONED and register your anger against this sale to these monsters.

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