"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Sunday, February 7, 2010

5 Reasons Why A Great Jewish Man Should Date (and marry) Me

  1. I'll let you eat chocolate cake for breakfast.
  2. When it snows I won't scream at you to clear the snow off my car. I'll just hand you the shovel with a smile and close the door behind you.
  3. You can feed me sushi in bed.
  4. I love HGTV so I'll let you shop at Home Depot as much as you'd like.
  5. I won't always make you my pet project...that's what my twitter friends are for.
6. Because according to @slave2mybulldog  I'm very very very funny.
7. Because @GregWHoward feels it's too bad I'm not a single Jewish man then!
7.5 and because @GregWHoward says  I pity any man who cannot stand a strong, opinionated woman in his life. Seriously
8. Because @Chriscarroll50 says that I have a Pythonesque sense of humour!
9. Because @davidshockey says that I have brains and beauty. What more could a sensible man want?


Nick said...

If I were a single Jewish man, I'd be askin' for your number. Who doesn't like cake for breakfast!? ;)

Slave to my Bulldog said...

As one of your #5's, I approve of this message. Heck, I'll even retweet it for you, 'cause that's how I roll...

GregWHoward said...

Trying to figure out what's wrong with single Jewish guys in NYC to leave this lovely lady on the market.

Celtic Scribe said...

I think that the single Jewish guys need to open their eyes to this amazing, refreshing funny lady

T said...

Very cute!

I agree with 1 through 8 excluding 3 (sushi is too much like bait).

#2 Expanded - The right guy would let you sleep while he shoveled. When he came back in, he would fix you breakfast before waking you. Ask his Mom! She will tell you. LOL!

Aleta said...

I agree with the above comments.. what's wrong with the single Jewish guys out there? You're a gem and they don't have the courage to see the beauty!