"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Friday, August 31, 2012

Free Speech for thee but not for ME!

Well well I must have become something on facebook because I am now being monitored because a bully by the name of Daniel Barnett has falsely reported me and asked all his friends to report me and did so without my knowledge, for many hours and hours so that he could come to my page and post the following to me and ensure that any response I gave him would be removed and I would be rebuked:

"Daniel Barnett I won't defriend you. But I will block you from seeing and posting on my wall if you don't start behaving yourself. This is not an issue of politics. It's an issue of you going a little nutzoid here on my wall. You can have whatever political persuasions you want. Leave a couple of sentences at most without being abrasive or condescending. You seem like the type of person who would
 argue with her boyfriend by posting flowcharts all over the bedroom walls. Even if the info is accurate, it would be nuts for you to behave this way. This is what you're doing to my wall right now! Cut it out! It's my wall, and I can do what I want with it. If you don't like it, then go post some stuff on your own wall that fits your views. But don't clutter up my wall. Lord knows I've got more than enough clutter in my life without you cluttering up my wall!"

What PREY tell was the initiator of such a vile post to me on facebook? Politics. The mistake was that I allowed him to friend me there after meeting him through mutual friends on a singles cruise event recently in Manhattan.

In a normal world up is up and down is down but we are living in strange times where truth is hate speech and people such as Daniel, a NYC school teacher (how scary is that) believe that only his opinion is allowable, acceptable, reasonable and protected by the first amendment and if you disagree they will turn you in.

Now it might sound silly to write a post about facebook, but when we say it's silly we allow it to transfer to more important things. What's next?

So my readers, if you still visit my blog which I rarely use anymore but perhaps see the need to use again learning how limited facebook is, here is the offending post that got me reported:

I'm waiting to see if I am "unfriended" for posting facts on someone's facebook posts that are politically charged and hateful (IMHO) or if that person is actually more open minded to the truth.

Yes, there you have it!

In normal times, if you are friends with someone it is a reasonable conclusion that you can post a reply on a post of theirs, that differs in opinion and it wouldn't be considered "nutzoid" but not in times like we are living today. In normal times, responding with facts and asking an honest question such as I did, "What did Ryan lie about?" would not be considered unreasonable and offensive.

These are not normal times.

On three posts of Daniel's I responded with links to retort his name calling posts....You'd think that facebook would find calling names offensive...ah yes only when it's in my response to the above bullying nastiness left on my facebook post on my own wall that names are then offensive apparently.

Daniel posted that no blacks support Romney. False
Daniel posted moveon dot orgs Ryan Lies twice and I responded on each post. I responded with facts. Cut and paste links and verbiage from a famous person's website to respond to the Lies post. And then I stopped.

Daniel did not ask me to stop replying. He did not private message me nor do it publicly...YET!
He did not put me on restricted as I've done to many people myself to avoid arguments. Daniel did not block me.

What Daniel Barnett did, the left wing progressive who believes that only freedom of speech is for people who agree with him, was to take my post listed above about being defriended, share it on his wall, unbeknownst to me and ask all his friends to report me. THEN he wrote the offensive post on MY wall on my thread which I share with you about wondering if I'd be defriended, so that anything I wrote back would be monitored and removed immediately. All without my knowing.

I have the screen shots of all the subjects and everything I wrote. I didn't write nasty words. I didn't bully. I left links of factual information. And now I am subjected to the facebook g-ds of monitoring for conservatives.

You see Daniel Barnett, a NYC school teacher is just an insecure man. He like the man I originally started this blog about years ago, belongs to a cult called 1 Taste. I write it that way for good reason. They are a sexual cult, that preys on women and all the verbiage he wrote comes straight out of their playbook of demeaning women and making everything about putting a women down in order to make her feel like crap and become submissive. But Daniel Barnett didn't know that I knew about his involvement in this group or that I knew of the group at all. But I did! He thought I'd want him to like me and feel sorry for what I did and change my ways. Laughable you fat ass. Yes I can say that here on my blog. You're an obese loser and that's why women don't like you and won't sleep with you and no amount of mental manipulation will change that. He probably knows that deep down somewhere under his Jabba The Hut layers of fat too. And so he goes to many tantric events, seeking what he thinks will be desperate or just plain loose women hoping he will get laid. What I find scary is that he works with children. If he's going to be involved with a cult that teaches you how to get as many women as possible and is soley for the purpose of sex, I wonder if he lets the manipulation techniques transfer over to the children, if not sexually which would be of course horrendous but even just on a mental level. We all know that children's brains do not fully form until about 21 years of age and their self esteem is not strong. I'm not accusing him of doing so. I'm simple saying it's a possibility. So yes I find it scary.

So when Mr. Daniel Barnett finds this blog and gets pissed off, he might remember that there is zero written here that isn't 100% factual and therefore not defamation in any way. Facebook might not allow me to post my opinions based on facts but so far this is my blog and I can do it here.

So girlfriends in NYC, if you meet this male, I suggest you run. You deserve to be treated with kindness, respect and cherished, not put down for some sorry sad sack's insecurity about his wee wee.


Unknown said...

I support you 100%!!!! I think Mr.Barnett needs to get a clue.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me as if the subject of this blog post can be summed up in one word: SCUM.

Andy Wendt said...


And this totally ticks me off on a personal level because a few months ago I received a FB message from a total stranger.

The message was a vile, explicit, death threat. I reported it to FB, and never so much as got a reply. From what I can tell the guys account is still there, etc.

I had no clue who this guy was,but when I called the police they knew him quite well. And as he had sent this to others in town he already been arrested. Like I said it was VILE!

But anyway, where was FB? Guess they were busy protecting the reputation of the teachers union by monitoring your posts. What a crock!!!!